Coporate Purpose
Hypo division of Multipro Enterprise Limited (MPEL) aims to significantly impact the availability of hygiene and sanitation solutions for Nigeria. The company manufactures its main product – Sodium Hypochlorite bleach for consumers under the brand name of HYPO at a highly affordable price.

Hypo Division is one of the many successful business ventures of the Tolaram Group. The group operates across 3 continents across 6 countries focusing on FMCG, Energy and

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infrastructure sectors. Dufil Group, an esteemed part of the Tolaram Group has remarkably changed the Nigerian culinary landscape in the past decade through its product indomie Instant Noodles which has grown to become a household name across the country.
The Company
Hypo Division currently boasts of world-class, state of the art technology; with the best manufacturing and finishing machines. Bleach market in Nigeria was only supplied with formulated bleach products. Hypo Division holds pioneer status in Nigeria for manufacturing bleach using the latest technology for bleach production wherein all intermediate material is produced in-house.

The company is expanding the bleach market in Nigeria through product excellence and maintaining quality of the product in the hands of the consumer. We aspire to achieve our goal of consumer delight under the supervision of technical and management team highly experienced in production and finishing processes.
The Hypo Family forms a part of the Tolaram Group culture guided by our vision statement. We believe in making the wellbeing and satisfaction of our customers the basis of every decision for the business and the product. The quality of our products and the loyalty of our customers are a testimony to the above statement.
Mission Statement
“To provide with affordable, best-in class household hygiene products.’’
Vision Statement
“To enhance the customers' quality of life by promoting hygiene.’’
Guiding Principles  
We are honest and direct in our dealings and always act with transparency. We say what we mean, mean what we say and always keep our promises. Trust is at the very core of everything we do. If people trust us, they want to be associated with us. It is that simple.
We respect our team members, stakeholders, heritage and universe. Because it is a shared journey, we always seek a win-win outcome.
We are committed to being sustainable over long term through focus and depth in everything we do.
We want to surround ourselves with bold thinkers and to always act with conviction.
We endeavour to keep learning and letting our actions speak louder than our words. We also appreciate that everyone we interact with has a contribution to make to our well-being.